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Committed to closing the critical care gap in the U.S. and internationally

Not Just a Number


In October 2020, Maria Young — an active 41-year-old woman — arrived at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, with COVID-19 and double pneumonia. A staggering 130 days later, Maria returned to her family. At the hospital, she spent 69 days on ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a form of life support) and more than 100 days on a ventilator. Maria was lucky to be at a hospital with advanced technologies and experienced doctors. The mission of Maria’s Miracle is to help others around the U.S. and world receive the same level of care by supporting advanced critical care and ECMO training programs. Maria’s Miracle also aims to distribute accurate information about COVID-19 and to support families with loved ones facing extended ICU stays and ECMO support.

What We Do


Critical Care Medicine Training

Provide an annual advanced training fellowship in critical care for a doctor through Johns Hopkins Medicine


Providing Resources

Develop a roadmap of questions and checklists for families and ICU patients

Offer workshops on coping strategies for grief and recovery


Building Community

Connecting survivors and families

Partnering with other related organizations to collaborate on resources

Survivor Spotlight


On October 4, 2019, Mindy contracted what appeared to be the flu. Ten days later, she found herself in a local hospital ICU with double pneumonia. After several days on a ventilator in critical condition, she was transferred to JFK Hospital in Lake Worth, Florida and placed on ECMO, which saved her life.

Watch this video to learn more about Mindy's story.

Mindy Basis

ECMO survivor and ICU warrior

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